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§ Chinese officials report that what appeared to be a massive electrical storm a few months ago above Hong Kong was a direct result of a fusion reactor malfunction perpetrated by the Wuxing Corporation. The corporation has accepted full responsibility and claim to have everything contained and under control.

§ For the last few months, Hong Kong authorities have cordoned off approximately 50 square miles just outside of the city proper due to the leak from the Wuxing Corporation’s fusion reactor. Initial tests are showing negative, however China’s government wants a 100% contaminate free guarantee from the company before lifting the restriction.

§ Japan’s Renraku Corporation has surprised the world with its decision to close down three manufacturing facilities as well as remove initial bids from mainland China for the next three years. The Company’s head of PR, Shinji Orotawa states that the decision was based solely upon the weak performance shown in China’s markets regarding their products.

News from 2075

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