A mix of very confident and somewhat acquiescent, due to his history. Very jealous of his freedom. Somewhat selfish.


Aristóteles Sandoval (Birth Name), Luis Gutierrez “Louis” (Primary Fake SIN) Male, Human, Latino

I was looking for to reflect his time in the arena. Most shadowrunners are apparently very pretty.

Bulky build, vat-muscle. Generally well-dressed, though fairly conservatively. Fairly low (<2) Essence – occasionally stares at nothing, acts disconnected. He was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Aztlán.
Hes in Mid-to-late twenties

Last he knew, his parents and siblings were still alive, most back in Guadalajara. Since he escaped, he hasn’t made any attempt to contact them. Such an attempt could be tracked back to him. Or maybe they’re experiencing pressure from his investors in an attempt to put pressure on him. He would feel like he had to help out with that in some way, so he hasn’t put himself in the position to have to find out.

Received some education at an academy for athletes, though the great bulk of the time was focused on training. (See #12) Other areas were dealing with society and culture.

Doesn’t really believe in the Aztlaner project – more a follower of José Vasconcelos and “la raza cósmica” idea. Kept that sort of thinking to himself, though.

A somewhat cultural Catholic – while the Church is underground in Aztlán a significant proportion of the population still maintains the beliefs. He was never one to stick his neck out enough to actually to to Mass, but the background’s still there.

Was picked out as an promising athlete in his youth, signed to a lifetime contract by a professional ollamalitzli team and moved up


It all began in Dubai... quanhill Intro