It all began in Dubai...

Ch 4 Planting the Seeds, Ep 4
Ep. 4 Days of past events

Elrich’s perspective…

Luis calls us around 4:30 in the morning, telling me that he’s being followed by a dragon. We agree to meet at a café across street from the coffin motel. As we leave, a British guy approaches Jrez and seems to know him. It turns out his name is Van and he was sent by one of Jrez’s contacts to back us up.
Luis doesn’t show up, but the Dragon Lung does, in the form of an old man. He reminds us that he saved our life in Dubai and said that he would ask a task of us in the future. That time is now.
Lung wants us to
1. Finish delivering the suitcase of reagents to the remaining Johnson,
2. Finish going to the submarine room of the aqualogy and get another 75-100 reagents,
3. Go to Hero Cantonese’s Villa and steal the final 75-100 reagents.
Cant calls the living Johnson, and they arrange to complete the transfer of the suitcase of reagents in a café in a park. I summon a spirit of man, F6, 6 services, no drain. The Johnson asks that we not kill anyone in the aqualogy and will pay an additional Y500 each if we comply. He’s OK with us killing people when we go to Hero’s, and he’ll pay us an additional Y1000 each if we kill Hero himself. He also warns us that the police here will react quickly to any murders. Lung’s step #1 completed.
Jrez uses his contacts to obtain information about the aqualogy and aquatic drones. I research magical threats and learn that there may be awakened dolphins and lobsters, but they should leave us alone unless we attack them first. We head to Jrez’s friend Andrew ‘s (aka Jin Zhou) apartment. He loans us an underwater combat drone and the aqualogy floor plan. The aqualogy has 5 floors, 3 above water, 2 below. The Submarine room is a habitat, so there must be entrances underwater. Andrew’s price is right of first sale of interesting tech. He warns us not to try to enter above water, as that area is military-secure with regular patrols. He says we should easily be able to find sea sleds around the harbor.
We steal 4 sea sleds from Tan Le Company. Get geared up and head underwater to the aqualogy, avoiding patrol boats. We find a pool room filled with human/elf technicians, 3 state of the art submersibles and 2 orcs guards in combat armor. Combat ensues, in which we kill none, but drop the 2 guards and 2 technicians. A HTR team of 3 orcs shows up with 2 cybered animals. I didn’t see them, but they sounded like the cats we saw guarding the Evo lab in the Middle East. Cant believes he overhears the new team say “They’re here now”. Since our goal is to grab the reagents without deaths, and this new team looks formidable and seems to have been expecting us, I command the spirit to move the container of reagents to a safe place and order a retreat. The HTR team engages the spirit in combat and do some damage, knock it down, but it gets up and grabs the container of reagents. That container was bolted down, but the spirit manages to break it free, dives into the water and effects an escape, as do the others with the exception of Jrez who slows to steal one of the awesome subs.
Jrez has a lot of trouble figuring out how to get it going, much to the chagrin of Cant who is taking cover underneath it. Eventually Jrez’s increasingly desperate attempts to find motion controls instead hits the ‘open canopy’ button resulting is massive gunfire to him (there are no other viable targets for the HTR team). Somehow he survives but is unconscious as the SOTA submarine descends and moves out of range. Cant, who was clinging to bottom of the sub during all this opens the canopy, triggers Jrez’s DocWagen contract, and moves the submarine to a safe place on the bottom of the harbor tied up to a wharf pier. We regroup at Andrew’s place, tell him where the craft is, get our stuff back (including the reagents) and crash at Andrew’s. Jrez is at the hospital, so I go and heal him 2 boxes of physical, but take 3 physical in exchange (overcasting). I return to Andrew’s and heal myself. The reagent box has 200 reagents in the form of some kind of sea-based plant life, but only 75-100 were expected, so I take 75 out of the box for my/Waldo’s use.
Cant arranges to meet the Johnson on the White Star ferry. I heal my spirit some and take a stun, and we all head over there (without Jrez who will need to be in the hospital for 3 days). We arrive at a boat that looks identical to the boat we first met the Johnsons, including the lady that served the poor martinis. We notice pictures of people standing standing with deep sea fishes, but the pictures seem to be the kind that are free when you find a frame. After noticing that everything on this boat seems artificially staged. I assense the drink-serving woman and discover she’s a bound spirit with a force greater than 6. The dwarf Johnson is the same one from Seattle, while the human is the same from this morning. We turn over 125/100 reagents, and they are satisfied. They give us each a credstick with Y500 .
They remind us that our last task is to go to Hero Cantonese’s home and recover reagents. They claim that there’s not much security but that there are lots of police in the area. We will need to be stealthy. He lives in the area north of the airport. They want us to complete this part of the run within 36 hours. Cant asks them why there seemed to be an HTR team lying in wait for us, and they claim to have no idea, but suddenly the disinterested dwarf is paying attention to us. Cantonese is the leader of a radical ecoterroristl group, and can be expected to put up a big fight. He is also an initiated mage, and also a Buddhist who is against reagents. They don’t provide us with a photo, but someone so high profile must have photos on the matrix. They want the final batch of reagents dropped in a safe deposit box at the airport and then will credit our accounts. I renegotiate and they agree to pay for the 2 parts of the job we’ve already done and they will meet us in the matrix to pay us after we turn the reagents into the airport safe box.
We agree to split Hashtag’s payment across our three (Elric, Cant and JRez) so we each get Y7500 (Y3000 for part one, Y3000 for part two, Y1000 from Hashtag, Y500 for no deaths), and head back to Andrew’s place (because the Johnson’s set up the fancy hotel).
It’s about 11:00 AM and I’ll have this Spirit of Man, 4/6 services, F6, optional powers: Fear, Manabolt until dusk. Cant heads to a coffin motel and later calls us to say that Lung has summoned us to a meeting tonight at 7:00 PM, at the same café we met him in this morning. We rest and have a meal, and our edge is refreshed.

Ch 4 Planting the Seeds
Ep 3 Off The Deep End

ToeCutter’s Gang were spotted the Tibetan Monk, his Driver, Kan the Fire Elemental and Ju the Water Elemental. Hashtag decided to hack the car and gliched. He warned the driver of his presence. The driver took a defensive posture and the fight was on. When asked if they wanted to “talk” or"fight" ToeCutters Gang decided to talk. They negotiated a deal to:

  • Escort Petet to the Floating Restaurant in Sha Tin, Hong Kong

They take the train and run into the 9×9′s trying to rob them. Seems to be a theme in Hong Kong. To rob the Gaijin? A fight happens and Toecutter’s win. Though not without Elrich and Can’t going down. J-Rez Takes a shot at the Hung Kwan ( the Mages) and wounded him.
Once at the Floating Restaurant Petet asks that he be left to do the meet. He does and the large man they call Wan Lee has one of his take the package and leave. Luis follows and because J-rez bumps into some little old lady the delivery man is spooked. Luis follows after tracking him down to a bizarre just ready to hide in a basket. Luis grabs him and extracts the package and heads towards Toecutters. The Johnson’’s want a call when ToeCutters have a package. So Hashtag does. He is told to meet at Jade Valley Park. Luis and Hashtag go while Elrich and Can’t rest. J-Rez sits it out.
Before they go they place the Reagents at a local hotel. Once at the meet Hashtag attempts to strong arm one of the Johnsons.
“Pay us and we’ll give you the 1rst Reagents captured from the Delivery man , Petet.”
The Johnson was taken aback. “Didn’t we already have a deal?” "Hastag insisted and got shot in the head. As Luis was taking out he Johnsons from the distance, a Western Dragon named Lung landed. He said to complete the mission. He then followed Luis to get Ehlrich,

Ch 2: Road to Redemption
Ep 4: "We're gonna have to fight our way out!"

They opened the scene to the Beatles playing music in the background. Kids voices asking about the “man with the silver eyes” A battle happened and from the spoils the team found a familiar tattoo. One of a crescent moon with two strips through it. The team escaped as the prototype awoke.His name was Kevah and he wanted to go home. He was part of the Kevaneh, a mobile tent city outside the city of Qom. There they had the arm removed from Kevah and turned over to the team. With advice from Kevah the PC’s got into Tehran without incident. They avoided trouble in the city and met with their Johnson’s. They decided to return to Seattle.

Ch 2: Road to Redemption,
Ep 3: A Proving Ground

When we last gathered the PC’s have arrived in Alagadarz at the Jahangadari Hotel. They were there to meet with some Johnsons looking to hire a team for a data steal. Shadist arrived later after being contacted by his Tir contact to do a favor for him while in town. Seemed there was a person of interest named Shaegel was in town and the Tir needed proof. Shadist met with his team and found Shaegel at a new local club called Delicatour. Turns out it was a Ghouls club and the team walked right into the mix. Shaegel turned out to have some relationship with Shadist and becuase of that connection saved Shadist from a killing blow when ment for him. He died in Shadist’s arms. The team escaped through some crafty edge use and quick wits, getting the info needed before leaving in haste. They met with the Johnsons and negotiated a deal for the data steal job. They were given 36 hrs to complete and meet at the Iran Hilton in Tehran.

Ch 2: Road to Redemption, Ep 1: The General


It’s about 7:00 AM. I check out the building we’ve come up into from the astral plane, then take a vertical view of the compound. I see Silk climb onto the roof for overwatch and I return to base. Since it’s past dawn, I summon a new fire spirit at force 5 with 3 services. I lay down to rest and recover stun for one hour. Just then I hear the gate we came through open, on the first floor, and since there’s no one else in the building, go to check it out. It’s just Bunny, so I let everyone know and head back to the room to rest. Grund and Barf start exploring the rest of the compound and locate a garage, a machine shop, and a couple of rooms with a buzzing sound. They identify the source as black wasps, an awakened large insect with the ability to paralyze and lay eggs inside a host. A combat ensues which ends after the floor above the nest is hand-grenaded and my spirit uses a service to mop up the survivors. Unfortunately, Grunt has been paralyzed and has eggs in his neck, which the others take care of while I search the wasp’s nest using astral perception. It appears to contain the remains of a hermetic lodge. I rest an hour before The General comes to visit us. We disarm and speak with him (he is awakened) and he will allow us to stay if we pay to repair the damaged building and don’t make any more loud noises.

Made initiation from 0 to 1, took 1 month, cost 9 karma because it was a group initiation with Bunny.

I return Waldo of Man’s call and he tells me that we can make some money by getting some magical elements from a restricted zone nearby. The buyer is in Iran, I don’t have a name, but I do get the LTG. We may be able to get to a port in Iran, by selling Mongolian Death Worm meat to a ferryman who likes exotic meats. These worms are up to 4m long, have a chemical agent in their saliva, acid blood, and hunt in packs at night. Sounds like fun.

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A brief history... Game 6
Chi @ the Lodge

2074 06 28, Evening

Elric sleeps. Nuk (and Barf) visit the Nightsook. Fasad becomes his own man. Bunny gets one free drink in the hotel bar.

The next day I summon a pair of spirits (Fire 4/4, Man 3/3) and Shadist goes to the club where he makes arrangements for 10 Saeder Krupp VIPs to use a VIP room at 6:00 PM (our target’s meeting is set for 7:00 PM). The sandstorm is much abated but still effects perception by 1 when outside.

Fasad suggests that we actually impersonate some SK VIPs, with Shadist and Elric as the VIPs, Bunny as their escort, and Nuk and Fasad the lightly armed bodyguards. Someone suggest we procure a rigger who is willing to drop a duffel bag into the open-air area of Chi, and Fasad facilitates that. We bring in minimal weaponry, but load up the duffel bag with 6 guns, 5 grenades, extra ammo, etc.

We are placed in our own VIP room but we have one-way windows so we can see out. There are 3 VIP rooms in total and one other VIP room is occupied when we arrive at 6:00. After about an hour, the other VIP room opens up to reveal an elderly woman of the same body type as the assassin girl and 4 guys. Using dual perception, I move toward the woman to ascertain whether she is missing essence from the same areas of her body as the assassin I’d assensed on the island. She’s heading toward me through the crowd, but sees me and turns away while using her comlink. Suddenly, out of freaking nowhere, a guy with diamond eyes and a pair of extendable spoons flies through/over the crowd to my left rear and attacks me, but misses. Pretty upset about this, and the prospect that her entire Tong was infiltrated the now-crowded nightclub, I command my Spirit of Fire to engulf him and my Spirit of Man to fear him (he resists the latter). A troll who had been flirting with Bunny advances with silenced Predator and takes an aimed shot at me, hitting me with a glancing blow. WTF? My local public awareness seems to have gotten out of hand — I’ve got to get out of this sand-blown litterbox. Bunny’s been walking calmly through the crowd with a lit Molotov cocktail in her hand, and she pitches it into the DJ pit. The 4 guys from the other VIP room are arrayed around the woman and pull silenced Predators and advance toward me, but the first one is knocked unconscious by one punch from Fasad, who then survives shots from the other 3 without a scrape. Nuk triggers his improved reflexes and Shadist is our eyes on the other side of the DJ pit in case she/someone heads that way. General melee breaks out with the DJ pit catching on fire, lots of gun shots, only some of which are silenced. The staff take no action. I cast improved invisibility (F6=4) and find what seems to be a reasonably safe place, then scan for the woman and command the Spirit of Man to mark her. She is hiding in the crowd, changing clothes, has shot at Shadist and is now heading to the 3rd level clockwise. Between Bunny and Nuk the troll is pinned down near a door, which he eventually uses to flee. The 3 gun guys knock Fasad unconscious, then are microwaved (which also effects any patrons who are too stupid to move away from 3 guys who are shooting guns and are being shot at), but one makes to escape. Shadist stim patches Fasad. Diamond Eyes had lasted around 6 combat turns before succumbing to the fire, but I Push the Limit and see the last gun guy fleeing in the crowd (perception 5 hits) and having no other way to stop his escape, possibly with the coin, I send the Spirit of Fire to engulf him. He doesn’t last long and, about the same time that the rest capture the woman, the Spirit of Fire returns to me. But where is the coin? We make our separate ways out of the club, Shadist with the duffel bag, with Fasad parting ways, and I taking the roof exit to avoid the crowd (dropping the improved invisibility once in the crowd at the exit). I head over to the nearby hospital, apparently not followed, and secure an abandoned taxi there. Bunny has the unconscious assassin, soused with hooch, and is telling people that her girlfriend had too much to drink. Someone, Bunny, or possibly Nuk, says that there is something large and organic pacing his taxi from a slight distance through the storm.

A brief history... Game 5
The World

We determine the date to be 2074 06 28 and will follow a calendar from now on.

Nuk, Barf, and Elric take a cab over to the very fancy Skyview, where Nuk and I meet with the Johnson who is not happy that we didn’t recover the package as we’d been tasked. Barf stays in the cab. We offer to complete the deal by ambushing the Tong assassin at The Lodge and recovering the missing ‘package’. I make the compelling case that, in case she doesn’t have it on her, we need to what we’re looking for. He very reluctantly agrees and gives us a plastic replica of an old Chinese coin, telling us that the missing ‘package’ looks identical (but is metal). Barf does a matrix search for the coin in Dubai and finds a link to Dunklezhan’s will, but is interrupted by an overwatch security agent who confiscates his comlink. Barf heads to a coffee house away from the fanciest hotel in the world, and we leave in a separate cab to meet him. We decide that the coffee house is too open for our conversation and take a new cab to the hotel district, then walk to a middle-class hotel, the Dubai Palm Hotel (Y100/night).

Barf’s analysis of the assassin’s comlink had revealed that her meeting was at The Chi at The Lodge which research reveals is inland, near a hospital, outdoor club, has a reputation for being totally secure, and providing completly secure conversations. It’s open from 9 PM – 3 AM and is reputed to have heavy magical security. We also have learned that there is a substantial underworld presence in Dubai, and it’s possible that a fight for control is brewing. The escort/assassin is a member of the Yellow Lotus triad.

Researching Dunklezhan’s will discovers mention of 4 coins of luck; Lu Coin, Shou Coin, Feng Coin, Fu Coin. The one we’re looking for is Lu — prosperity and wealth, which was willed to Sun Yet Sun, a humble fisherman who had helped Dunklezhan. Sun is now dead. This coin has shown up in Denver, the Son’s of Thunder runner group had it for a while, and a couple of other famous people. It grants whomever is holding it a measure of material wealth, but will cause the same person bad luck if ‘misused’ and must be given to you in order to get the benefit. It has been valued between priceless and Y2MM. The coins are at least 2000 years old, part of the Sai dynasty and legend has it that the dragon kings gave the 4 coins to mankind.

I make a bartender contact, Del Lewis (L1, C?), and learn that the Yellow Lotus are prevalent, in fact there’s a drunkard one in this bar so we’re forced to be discreet in our conversation. If they have a ‘Family Home’ it’s location is unknown but, as is common in Asia, they frequent a specific restaurant/bar, in this case it’s called Pit. The escort/assassin is called Grass Sandal, and ‘she is very rarely seen and looks different every time’.

The sandstorm is now -3 to perception outside.

We rent a Fiat Eurovan (Y135/day) as cover and park across the street from Pit. Barf matrices in, getting control of the internal cameras while Nuk and I remain in the van and conduct physical and astral surveillance respectively. One camera is found to be turned off, when Barf gets it turned on it reveals an office which is unoccupied. He almost gets caught, but then escapes by bricking the comlink of a drunk-looking in the bar area of Pit. We don’t believe we were traced, but if I were the boss I’d figure it was someone close and have everyone go outside to scour, so we drive away.

As we leave Elric sees a group of 4 men walking down the sidewalk toward Pit, and I recognize one as the shooter from the United Kingdom of The World, where our target, Gashad, was shot (we’ve checked every day since, but there’s been no news of Gashad). Thinking quickly, but not necessarily clearly, I blast them with a Manaball and they all drop. I jump out of the van, grab him, toss him in the van and, as Nuk drives off, cast a Heal spell on him to bring him back to consciousness. We stabilize him, and interrogate him on the record, and he tells us a lot about Grass Sandal, but it’s in Chinese, so we’ll need it translated, then he dies. We stop at a gas station, get some gas, pour it on the body and the van, drive to a bad neighborhood and set it on fire. Careful scrutiny reveals no one watching us. We walk some distance in the sandstorm and look for a cab, get to a coffee shop, and call Barf’s corp. secretary contact for a translation. We learn that the shooter couldn’t tell us what Grass Sandal looks like because she always changes her appearance, but he was supposed to guard her for a meeting tomorrow at 7:00 PM. He hadn’t said where. He was to look out for people who look suspicious, especially a strangely dressed elf in a hat and with a cane (me). Barf examines The Shooter’s comlink but doesn’t find anything useful. He applies his skills against The Chi at The Lodge, and learns that Zero1 is having a concert at 7:00 at Chi, tomorrow. Note that this is ahead of the normal opening hours, but it’s now Ramadan which changes schedules.

We move to the Astoria hotel. As we wait for room service, we’re surprised by a visit from Gashad, our original target and the guy who had the coin. He has a head wound, a white noise generator, a signal jammer and 3 bodyguards, but he’s just here to talk. He tells us, apparently honestly, that he hadn’t recognized the symbol I’d shown him at the fights —it looked like the Red Crescent Society, of which he’s a member, but the Red Crescent Society doesn’t have the 3 vertical bars. He reveals that his father is the ‘moral leader’ of RCS and an artifact hunter. Gashad will pay us Y4,500 each for the return of the real coin. A flight to Europe would cost about Y500, and our real goal is to get the fuck out of here and we don’t care about our local reputation, so we accept. I rest for the night and recover stun/edge, while Nuk and Barf head to the Nightsook to get some more gear (this time invoking Red Crescent Society sponsorship to get a discount).

A brief history... Game 4

Flustered at being caught in a battle between two dragons, Fishad quits and introduces us to 2 new guys instead; Zorp a phys ad, and Grun a shooter. Shadist drops out. Coco drops out. But Gun Bunny is out of prison and joins us again.

After Coco took his cut of the jewelry heist, we were left with 4 bracelets, 4 rings and 3 pendants.

We all meet at “The Turkish Coffee House” and head over to the Nightsook to convert the jewelry to credit. We get Y6,500 for 3 rings, and sell the rest for Y10,000, and agree to take a delivery job for Y1,000 each. The job is to deliver a card with a symbol of a crescent moon with 3 vertical black lines to a guy in the United Kingdom of The World (a series of small man-made islands off the coast). Barf checks for information about the symbol and learns
Matrix search on Gashown Magidie, a car designer in Dubai, designed the police cars, his photos always show him with a lot of gold jewelry and pretty women, flashy, also known as ‘frankie the beast’, rumored to be a gambler, he may be the son of Nawah Zoiter (high society, businessman, real estate mogul).
Matrix search on the symbol just divulges that it appears in various places around Dubai, may be the Red Crescent Society, some hospitals have it, seen on buildings, but none have the black lines.
Matrix search on events at United Kingdom, The World tonight reveals no information, but a lot of boats and helicopters going to the island at 2:00 AM.

It’s about that time now, so we hire a boat to take us there. The island is about 4 miles in diameter and has a large keep on the top of a hill. There are a lot of rich people here. Everyone is on foot. Matrix perception reveals no matrix at all. Astral perception reveals normal levels of activity. We pick an invitation from another group, and get inside the keep. Inside we grab drinks and head to the courtyard where we find a boxing ring and we take a seat with the rest of the crowd, There are lots of trolls around this keep, lots. Bare knuckle brawls happen in the ring. We make our way over to Gashown, and I proffer him the card, but he demurs and suggests that we talk after the fights, but invites us to join him. I make a point of sitting next to his escort, whom Bunny then tells me (via micro-transceiver) is tattooed as a Triad assassin boss. Barf engages in some hacking of her comlink and is surprised when he is struck with a stun baton and instructed to stop what he’s doing.
The main bout begins, and it’s between a guy with the symbol on his neck and a triad thug (20:1), whom I bet Y1000 on and win. Just as the fight ends Gashown is shot by someone with a handgun from a higher position. As his escort sorts through his pockets, surrounded by his bodyguards behind me, I collect on my wager. Having completed this business, I point out to the bodyguards the location of the shooter and, as their attention is diverted, cast an improved invisibility spell. The bodyguards see the shooter is still there and shooting, and hustle the inactive body out, the girl also heads out with Bunny on her tail. I cast manabolt at the shooter. Bunny loses the girl in the crowd and heads for the helicopter pad and commandeers it. Troll guards respond to the helipad, but are cut down from behind by the guys we hired as bodyguards. I chase the girl toward the docks, seeing her several times, but ultimately losing her. I recover her comlink, we meet back up at a cafe on the mainland, analyze it, and contact the red turban guy who hired us (we don’t know his name, but now suspect that his associates are from a competing triad). He will purchase the data from her comlink in exchange for the Y1000/each, but will not honor the ticket our of Dubai. He’ll meet us in today at 8 PM at the Skyview. We get from the comlink that the assassin will be at the Chi at The Lodge a couple of days later.

A brief history... Game 3

It’s about 6 PM. A security van comes out through the gate, we try to leave but it moves to intercept us. We force them to stop, but they come out shooting — hitting Coco through his driver’s side window and me through the wall of the back. I take 6 boxes and am seriously wounded, but I summon a Spirit of Man and it attacks them, causing them to stop pursuit and scatter (killing 2). We return to their vehicle and
are looking through it when a rocket is launched from a VTOL and explodes uncomfortably closely. We leave, successfully evading their pursuit, then return to the area of the gate (about a mile distant). Barf hacks the gate open and we head over on foot. I use Improved Invisibility with my Focussed Concentration. Coco fails his sneak and is attacked by 3 guys. We shoot it out, Coco is in melee with a dude with a vibra sword and is taken down by a pistol shot. One of the guards tosses a flash-bang and he goes down as well as dropping me by stun. The guards take their guy and retreat, we drag our two guys out, steal a car to get back to our Bulldog, then go back to the motel for healing. We decide to hire a street samurai, and find one named Fishad, whom we will pay Y4,000 for helping us. We also contact an information broker, through Aegis Cognito, who wants to meet us in a dangerous location, so we respond with a better location, and settle on The Midas Touch (I stay at the motel recovering). The woman, Asriah, they meet will give us the information we want in exchange for a DNA sample from each of them as collateral, and a copy of all the information we recover from the Neonet nodes. She can also provide detailed information about the layout and security for an additional Y5,000 (which we don’t have). She takes a hair and blood samples from Barf and Shadist. The Gold Palace of Dubai is a small jewelry store and is the front for Neonet, where the owner is running at least 4 agents, she thinks their node is hidden somewhere on their premises and is likely unpowered after hours. There are 3 police stations in the vicinity, 2 Dubai, 1 religious.

They head over to the Gold Palace during business hours to case the joint, and plant a command in the security system to unlock the door and loop the cameras after closing. They pick me up and we return to the store after closing, walk through the easily opened door and are stymied by the security door’s maglock. Coco gives it a try and also fails, so he cuts his way past the security door and we’re into the back room. We find a floor vault and take the node, and a grocery bag full of gold and jewels. A guard sees us on the way out, makes some noise, Shadist throws a noxious grenade at him, and we make our way away. We find 10 pieces of jewelry have tags, but Coco juryrigs a tag eraser.

Zorp Borlath – physical ad
Grun – gun welding Ork


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