It all began in Dubai...

A brief history... Game 3

It’s about 6 PM. A security van comes out through the gate, we try to leave but it moves to intercept us. We force them to stop, but they come out shooting — hitting Coco through his driver’s side window and me through the wall of the back. I take 6 boxes and am seriously wounded, but I summon a Spirit of Man and it attacks them, causing them to stop pursuit and scatter (killing 2). We return to their vehicle and
are looking through it when a rocket is launched from a VTOL and explodes uncomfortably closely. We leave, successfully evading their pursuit, then return to the area of the gate (about a mile distant). Barf hacks the gate open and we head over on foot. I use Improved Invisibility with my Focussed Concentration. Coco fails his sneak and is attacked by 3 guys. We shoot it out, Coco is in melee with a dude with a vibra sword and is taken down by a pistol shot. One of the guards tosses a flash-bang and he goes down as well as dropping me by stun. The guards take their guy and retreat, we drag our two guys out, steal a car to get back to our Bulldog, then go back to the motel for healing. We decide to hire a street samurai, and find one named Fishad, whom we will pay Y4,000 for helping us. We also contact an information broker, through Aegis Cognito, who wants to meet us in a dangerous location, so we respond with a better location, and settle on The Midas Touch (I stay at the motel recovering). The woman, Asriah, they meet will give us the information we want in exchange for a DNA sample from each of them as collateral, and a copy of all the information we recover from the Neonet nodes. She can also provide detailed information about the layout and security for an additional Y5,000 (which we don’t have). She takes a hair and blood samples from Barf and Shadist. The Gold Palace of Dubai is a small jewelry store and is the front for Neonet, where the owner is running at least 4 agents, she thinks their node is hidden somewhere on their premises and is likely unpowered after hours. There are 3 police stations in the vicinity, 2 Dubai, 1 religious.

They head over to the Gold Palace during business hours to case the joint, and plant a command in the security system to unlock the door and loop the cameras after closing. They pick me up and we return to the store after closing, walk through the easily opened door and are stymied by the security door’s maglock. Coco gives it a try and also fails, so he cuts his way past the security door and we’re into the back room. We find a floor vault and take the node, and a grocery bag full of gold and jewels. A guard sees us on the way out, makes some noise, Shadist throws a noxious grenade at him, and we make our way away. We find 10 pieces of jewelry have tags, but Coco juryrigs a tag eraser.

Zorp Borlath – physical ad
Grun – gun welding Ork

A brief history... Game 2
Game 2

We get the job from Hans. We’re to go to Dubai and engage in ‘damage control’. We’re given a credstick with 75,000Y for expenses. The Dubai Nightsook will have some things we can use. We spend all 75KY on a Dubai Bulldog, fake ids and the flight cost. The rumors are that the Dubai SK headquarters may have been destroyed by Hesteby, a great dragon, in revenge for Lofyr’s killing of someone favored to her.
We’re contacted by Hans Brick… upon arrival. He confirms the Hesteby story, and tells us that other parties are now moving in to raid SK and take their clients. 100 clients have been approached by Ares and Neonet local assets and offered better deals. We have 48 hours to get accurate detailed information on how the clients were contacted and what they were offered. Find out who the enemy faces are, figure out how they contacted the clients and what was offered.

It is morning. We settle into a motel with individual rooms that have poor climate control but their own showers (100Y/night). We find a couple of Americans with crewcuts and utilitarian clothes, seem to be corp (1 in 30s with thinning hair and a handlebar mustache, the other (not together) in lowers 30s full black hair and clean shaven). Both are dealing with Arab businessmen (Saudi). Clean shaven guy gets off the elevator on 41, and turns right. We lose mustache guy. I’m able to track clean shaven guy’s room. Coco leaves to pick up Barf while I hang out in the lobby, and I see Clean guy leave about 10 minutes later when they’re on their way back. I follow him in another taxi while letting them know which streets he’s taking. I see that Clean has a briefcase marked with the logo of The Golden Fleece shipping company, which seems to be a local shell corp for Ares. We track him to a fancy restaurant where, after about an hour, I realize that he’s meeting someone for a romantic dinner and evening, and this conversation is not business related. Barf is contacted by Matrix Overwatch and jacks out. We drive to the address from which Clean’s sales propaganda was sent from, which seems to be GF HQ.
We find:
3 warehouses on the docks
5 small/medium docked freighters
cargo containers
a mosque
and an office building.
We watch for about a half an hour, and repair Barf’s deck.

A brief history

We seem to be being hunted because of this plant. Coco has it analyzed and learns that it provides +2 logic and +2 reaction temporarily, but is highly addictive. I contact Shiawase (the number Bunny used) and tell them the coffin hotel where the plant is stashed, and the pod number. They seem mollified. Coco’s fixer offers us a new job, but we need to go there right now, so we do.


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