Name: Erich Kurtzweiler
Handle: Vanilla/ Van/Vanny
Race: Human/Caucasian
Age: 21
Height: 5-10”
Weight: 240 (enhanced)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
He looks like Clive Owen in Sin City
Born in London. His general personality is extremely easygoing. He can’t afford to have issues with anyone right now.


Mr. Kurtzweiler was first scouted at the age of 13 by our Rising Stars Division talent recruiters while playing basketball. Representative Terry Sellers approached Erich’s father, a Mr. William Kurtzweiler who pitched DocWagon’s standard offer of corporate sponsorship. This sponsorship package includes but is not limited to standard of living stipend, housing subsidy, education allotment and a modest extraneous expenses account. Mr. and Mrs. Kurtzweiler readily accepted terms and conditions and within 24 hours of the initial offer, we had a controlling interest in Erich’s future.
We immediately began our rigorous and in depth training process during the start of school in the following year. Our logistics division had Mr. Kurtzweiler’s class load resemble our needs and requirements and the young man took to the new curriculum with excitement and enthusiasm. The training period continued up through high school and into our intense vocational study program entitled Lifeguard Academy. It was here that Mr. Kurtzweiler showed great aptitude for the work and special attention to detail regarding the following of orders.
At age 20, Mr. Kurtzweiler graduated Lifeguard Academy with a higher than anticipated GPA. As a result of his dedication, he was placed within a HTR team; the Bronze Dogs. His CO, Commander Leslie Rittenhaus, agreed to sponsor the young man through his teeth cutting and did so without so much as a single incident on file. Unfortunately, it is after this grace period, when investment was high and results low that the Junebug Incident occurred, causing a rift between our asset and the corporation to open up and locating our missing property became a moderate priority.
The Junebug incident is fully explained and reported in the ATS datafile, serial ID 155VG5TT219. The file will go into detail the specifics of what transpired, who was involved, our cost and the subsequent charges accrued by our client for the extreme collateral damage. It was immediately after this incident when Mr. Kurtzweiler fell off of the grid. All attempts to track him through traditional means have come up with substantial scrutiny. And, although our Matrix agents are working to make the young man locatable again, I fear his plain features and overall generalness that made him such a valued asset is now working against us.

This department’s findings are as follows:
➢ Due to the elusiveness of Mr. Kurtzweiler, it is our firm conclusion that he has hired a person or persons to erase his identity from the grid. This makes locating the young man much more difficult.
➢ Given the amount of data we need to sift through to locate him, we are currently focusing our efforts where he was last seen, UCAS. This does allow us to free up some additional resources we were utilizing from various other departments and save on the cost ratio of this lost asset.
➢ Given the high value of Mr. Kurtzweiler, I recommend that our search continues, only at a measured rate. At this point the 72 hour marker has come and gone; making this case exponentially more difficult to complete without a measured and cost effective response.

This concludes the summary and current status of Asset 3225545289/Erich Kurtzweiler. The breach of contract has been handed off to the legal team who will begin to press charges against Mr. and Mrs. Kurtzweiler and hopefully recover some of the cost lost in this endeavor.

Robert Herchdfeld
Accounting and Loss Prevention
-DocWagon Intl.
Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

His parents are currently being sued by DocWagon for Breach of Contract
No family of his own. DocWagon paid for all of his education. He’s been too hunted to worry about politics. As for Religious, he is a firm believer in reincarnation. He worked for DocWagon before Shadowrunning. Do what needs to be done; deal with the moral backlash after your job has been handled; BUT, overall, try to act honorable whenever possible is his moral code. His goals are to get away from DocWagon forever, but he realizes that isn’t likely to happen. He was lead to Shadowrunning by The incident labeled as Junebug in the DocWagon datacache. He is special because he’s really good at High Threat Response. He’s good at shooting people.
He loves Soccer, JPop music, and real meat cheeseburgers. He hates bigots and racists, anyone that doesn’t cheer on the London Brawlers when they play, and Mages.
He will positively freak out when dealing with any sort of bug spirit. He gets the willies when dealing with any sort of magic anything. This all came from his event with DogWagon.


It all began in Dubai... quanhill Telletrium