Short blond, mirrored (cybereyes)



1. Name/ AKA
Jonathan Riley / Silk

2. Sex?

3. Race and size?
Elf / 6’0"

4. Color of Hair, eyes and skin?
Short blond, mirrored (cybereyes), light

5. What is PC’s general appearance?
High-fashion, well-groomed

6. Where were you born?
Tokyo. Parents are american but working for Mitsuhama Computer Technologies.
Has a Mitsuhama SIN that is trying to hide.

7. How old are you?

8. What is PC’s family situation?
Parents still work for Mitsuhama

9. Does PC have own family? Describe.
No own family.

10. Where or how was PC educated?
Corp upbringing and good education

11. What are PC’s political and/ or religious beliefs?
Liberal / Agnostic

12. What did PC do before Shadowrunning?
Mitsuhama black ops

13. What is PC’s moral code?
Opportunistic, but will try not to harm the innocent.

14. Does PC have any goals?
Safety from Mitsuhama for self and for parents.

15. What lead PC to becoming a Shadowrunner?
Mitsuhama black op in which the PC unwittingly murdered children.

16. What is PC’s general personality?

17. What makes PC special?
No outwardly visible cyber, apart from completely mirrored eyes, although heavy modifications.

18. What does character love?
Comfort. Whiskey. Cigars. Luxury.

19. What does character hate?
Discomfort. Cheap stuff.

20. Are there things that PC will not do? Why?
Will not kill children.


It all began in Dubai... quanhill quanhill