Jerghen Zilger

Some would say he had an odd shape, but not for an ork, and that is because his tusks are not very pronounced at all


Technically his hair is brown, but it’s often dyed green or blue, or some faded in-between while he’s deciding on a new color. His skin is fairly pale for an ork, but you wouldn’t notice with it constantly being covered in grease from working on his latest toy.


J Grew up an Ork in Essen, but it might as well have been anywhere. Obviously outcast in school, His Ork heritage didn’t help, at least, and he now holds an exremely vicious grudge against elves for being the “beautiful” of the metahumans who everyone wants to either be or be with. He once belonged to an anti-elf race group until he realized they didn’t care a thing about “the cause,” they just wanted the membership fees and fragging money-grubbing race marches and rallies. Once he realized his membership ‘fees’ were going towards nothing besides the occasional billboard, and once he got sick of smashing up his own neighborhood during the marches, he quit. Though his strong racism toward the elves still resides. He finds nothing wrong with troll and he feels a connection to them, essentially both being the horned races. Humans were here first, so who can complain, and dwarves are basically ugly humans so there’s no animosity there, just elves. In life because of his looks, he spent most of his free time skipping schoolwork and spending most of his tim indoors being a script kiddie. One day he realized that quite often he took things apart, put them back together, and hey, they still worked! A good sign, right? It didn’t hurt to be a wiz with computers, but it was always the hardware that J was into. He grew up a typical ork, small group of friends, hanging out on street corners, go-ganging, trying all sorts of drugs which came and went. The ones that stuck around are what most people know of today. J had not only tried, but was able to make dozens of drugs most people had never even heard of. He found his weakness though, bliss. He was instantly hooked, started shadowrunning and working for the dealer when the moeny ran dry and proved himself quite competent… so long as he wasn’t dopesick (in withdrawal). Some would say that in some ways, he single-handedly made his gang #1 in the area. He used to run with a girlfriend, he thought they would be together forever, but a bliss overdose took her like it takes almost everyone who uses itThe memory haunts him, but c’est la vie, this is the life of most habits, mainly bliss. it’s not a matter of if you die, it’s a matter of when.

Jerghen Zilger

It all began in Dubai... quanhill Jrezky