He doesn't know what he is supposed to know. Born in Tir Na Nog to a minor branch of a Danaan mór Shadist was gifted in the ways of politics and diplomacy.


Born in Tir Na Nog to a minor branch of a Danaan mór Shadist was gifted in the ways of politics and diplomacy. He honed such skills in the hopes of eventually raising to leadership on the council of stewards.However much power comes with such a family there is not always the distribution one may wish for, nor of money. Sometimes we take our gifts and treasure them and sometimes we take our gifts and abuse them, even with good intent.

Come his manhood Shadist began to see how his place would never be much more than a functionary if he didn’t start to amass more power, power he thought would spring from money. Shadist wasn’t a runner per say. He was instead a man you could go to if you needed something moved from point to point quietly. Or if you needed someone to chat someone else up. Nothing violent mind you, just someone good at making friends and avoiding trouble. Only no matter what he told himself, what he called himself, he was running. And such folk always find trouble no matter their intent.

Shadist had been working thus for five years, building a good reputation and a reasonable “client list” when trouble came knocking. Trouble came in the form of a partner. Drake came to Shadist’s notice (or vice-versa) due to their similarity. Shadist had always looked human at first glance and Drake looked like Shadist at first, second and usually third look; doubly so when the two took pains to make it so. Drake was the perfect match, filling in those skills Shadist was lacking. Combat and security were the most needed, but mostly unused (thankfully). In exchange for the work and in the downtime he taught some of the rough and ugly side of life.

The next two years were a lesson as jobs sometimes got darker and Shadist had to rely more and more on Drake’s skills and the dark joy he found in the new arts. The day life started to fall apart Shadist was acting as backup outside a meet. Drake had elected to meet the Johnson, expecting a standard meet. It went as planned up until the link went dark, Drake’s feed being jammed. Afterwards Drake was more quiet than usual but pressed for the job to go ahead. The Johnson had a jammer and nothing more. And hell, the money was good. So the run went off without a hitch, Drake doing most the work on a simple data collection job. Just that, get in and grab. For the hand-off Shadist took over in case there was a problem with payment, only there wasn’t and everyone went well, big payment and a bonus for the silence of the job. No one knew, no one found out. The next day the credchip didn’t work despite it working at the meet. Drake got spooked and ran; partnership be dammed. The last thing he said to Shadist was to get out of Tir, NOW. He didn’t, he thought his family’s name would protect him. For years he had been keeping his job a secret, he kept his clients away from his “real” life and really kept to the shadows. He always operated under a fake SIN (a good one) and was careful. They came for him in the night and only some mods and that carefully serious security kept him from getting caught. His first shot took the lone operative in the side; the second caught him in the knee and put him down for the time.

Shadist then took the advice Drake gave him and ran… but first a chat. He “worked” on the operative; he learned that it was someone with connections higher up than his Family. Someone, he isn’t sure who, who’s power comes from some people in the Danaan mór.
Shadist then staged the scene, made it seem that the assassin had done his work but got killed in the process. To save his life Shadist “collected” his partner and provided the killer a “victim”. Then started a run to Seattle where he’s laid low for a year, waiting for a life to start and hoping that whoever wanted the information gone thought him dead. Only now, funds starting to run low does the newly minted “Shadist” step into the shadows again.

Background data: Drake’s real name is unknown to Shadist. Drake copied the info he was told to steal and, unbeknownst to Shadist, dropped the info into a datastore/datachip Shadist has possession of/Access to. To this day he doesn’t know what the run was about or what he has in his possession. Nor does he know he has any info related to the run. The people who set up the run and who think they have killed the runner were unaware of Shadist’s real identity. They may become aware at a later time. Shadist is sure that, whatever happened, it will come back to haunt him. He left Tir under his real name and has, only once out of the kingdom, has he taken to the shadows under a new fake SIN. He left the old SIN, the one he ran under in Tir, with Drake’s remains.

What he had to do to Drake haunts him, as does his past. His outwardly gregarious nature hides deep insecurity about himself and his actions while working as a runner. If he could he would not run the shadows again, despite being good at it…. However his funds are limited and growing more so every day. He hopes to return to Tir, a return with enough money and information to gain a position of prominence.


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