It all began in Dubai...

Ch 6 Decisions

Ep 2 All In

I get 2 hours of sleep before Waldo calls to say he is at the airport. I hail a cab and Olaf and I head over. The cab is playing the same story about the attack at the hospital, be on the lookout for Jrez. We’re traveling incognito (sunglasses, different clothes, no pimp cane), but we see that there is an unusual amount of undercover police at the airport. We don’t get out of the auto-cab, but pull Waldo into the cab. He’s not bugged and we’re not being followed. We head to a different airb-n-b and Waldo and I crash, recovering all stun and edge.

We are awoken sharply by a commotion nearby, which I’m able to barely make out seems to be someone official inquiring about the Roadmaster, how many people are staying here, etc. One question is about the yellow capped Waldo, where he is now, who is with him, and the person at the front desk seems to be being coerced. It sounds like 3 people are walking back toward us, so we head to the fire escape with Olaf carrying the unconscious Waldo, I carry my duffel bag and cast Improved Reflexes (Sustaining Focus F4, 2 hits) and Combat Sense (Focused Concentration F2, 2 hits).

The troll can’t figure out how to open the fire escape, so I do it, and jump the one story to the ground, but land in the bushes there and make noise doing so. Olaf follows with Waldo and heads into the parking garage across the alley, which is where the Roadmaster is parked. I become invisible and when the pursuers get to the window they don’t notice me in the bushes directly below. They do see Olaf and run after him. He makes it to the Roadmaster, throws Waldo in, an officer yells “Halt!” and Olaf dives into the van, flooring the gas pedal and crashing the van into the wall in front of him, much to Waldo’s detriment. I summon a spirit (F4, 8 services! Pushed the Limit) and command it to conceal me, then increase my movement, and I get the frag out of the area. Olaf is pursued in a car chase, but maneuvers excellently, eventually escaping. I find an automated coffin motel and take a room to rest off my drain the stun, which takes an hour. Unfortunately, I’ve used a bunch of edge to avoid stun in drain.

It’s about 2:00 PM, and the Toecutters get back in contact. We plan to complete the sub-running job, a delivery to The Canton Federation. I negotiate and influence Andrew (Xiao Xing) into getting me a R4 fake SIN in order to assist Olaf, and he agrees. Olaf drops off the Roadmaster for repair and disguising work around 10:00 PM and he rents another box truck from the chop shop for transportation of the 4 crates holding the sub parts. We get to the specified border crossing and find that no one else is in a vehicle. When it’s our turn we find that the two elf guards in poorly-fitting clothes are non-plussed until I speak Sperethiel to them, then they are very happy to help us. In return I offer to buy them some food in town and bring it back on the way back across in about 2
hours. Maybe some clothes if we can find someplace open at this hour.

This side of the border is not clean and dynamic like Hong Kong. It’s depressing, impoverished, and almost has a background count. We drive to Shantou, find the warehouse, and the armed guard at the gate has an AK97, as do all the other guards. I assense the ~15 people loitering in front of the property, and I get hunger, anger, hostility. We drive in, drop off the crates, take images, and head back out. As this is happening the guards suddenly run for the front gate and we hear shouting. We don’t know what’s going on, but speculate that the warehouse may have been built in a location where the rail tunnel and warehouse flood every 1.5 hours. We follow them as we drive out of the building. As we drive up we see that the guards are poking people through the chain link fence with their rifles, yelling at them to get back. One guard shoots a burst into the air. Another pulls the gate open just enough for the truck, and we pull out. An old elven lady throws herself onto our hood and implores us to help. I ask her in Sperethiel what she needs help with, but a guard machine guns her to death before she answers. Others are now rushing the truck, so we leave the area, but pull over and talk to a local elf named Lothal before leaving Shantou. He tells us that a warlord owns the warehouse and uses the locals as slaves. I give him the gun from the Evo labs job, an Evo marked Ingram Smartgun with silencer, and 100 rounds of regular ammo. While we’re talking, two young boys climb into the empty back of the truck (we’d left the rear door open to make it clear that we had nothing valuable). I ask Lothal if the parents of the children will want them to stay here, and he says the parents would be happy to know that the children have a better life in Hong Kong, and he’ll let the parents know.

When we get back to the elven border guards I apologize for not finding food or clothes in the impoverished town, but give them a peanut butter & jelly sandwich I’ve carried from Hong Kong, as well as the Iranian clothes I’ve been carrying since we crossed the mountains by camel. The guards seem pleased with this, and tell us to pass through here any time we want to cross. We get back to Andrew’s apartment, show him the photos of the parts being delivered and stored in the warehouse, ask him about the warehouse situation, and introduce him to the 2 orphans.


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