It all began in Dubai...

Ch 6 Decisions

Ep 4, The back gate to Hedeki's

Here’s a summary from Luis. I tried to write as though in a reasonably competent second language – some figurative language but no idiom. I’ll figure it out eventually.

So I finally received the call that the mage Elric and the rest were going after Jiro/Hideki/whatever-his-name-really-was, with the meeting to take place at the Four Seasons. I decided to walk to the harbor to stretch my legs a little, but was stopped by some sort of local police – apparently it is the case that over-large, over-scarred individuals of Aztl├ín origin trigger suspicion in this part of Hong Kong. But soon enough they found someone else whose walking they wishes to interfere with, so I was not late.

When I arrived it seemed that Waldo had flown from Seattle to Hong Kong, presumably to drink martinis at us and make vague apologies given the course of the conversation. Also present was Srta. Footwear from the work in the Walled City. After noting her watching us, I approached her – she attempted to disguise herself by changes of clothing, but my eyes keyed onto her biometric signals with efficacy and I confronted her. She seemed perturbed, but indicated that she was watching us to ensure that some token carried by the mage would eventually find its way to her employer.

With the deadline to complete our assignment approaching, we acquired motorcycles and the route to the service entrance of our target’s estate, traveling the last distance by foot. As we followed the line of the wall, we encountered a handful of guards that had set up a low table underneath the light of lanterns, with the clicking of mahjongg tiles being slapped down carrying to us. Two of them were notable in both that we had encountered them before, and that they had made unfortunate choices in headwear. But it was the fact that they saw us and began to draw weapons that provoked our conflict. Clustered around the table as they were, all but one were dealt with quickly, but the last – a mage and his spirits – proved more troublesome.

But as the spirits focused on my confederates, I was able to approach the mage. While fast and with obvious training in unarmed combat, his skills had not been honed by the desperation of the arena, and after a rapid exchange I was able to rapidly introduce his skull to the bole of the pine he had been sheltering behind, and the spirits promptly vanished…


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