It all began in Dubai...

Ch 5 Walled City

EP 3 Tilling the land

After trying to charm the armband away from us a few times, the Grass Sandal girl heads off on her own. Van and Luis make their own way somewhere else, but as Olaf and I get to the parking lot we find Cant next to Olaf’s Roadmaster. I introduce Cant to Olaf and assense the armband. All I’m able to learn is that it’s powerfully magical.

Cant tells us that there’s a gang of religious fanatics, called The Crying Masks, that know where Jrez is and are coming to kill him ASAP for unknown reasons. I call Jrez in the hospital to warn him about the Crying Masks, but he’s sedated and may not understand the import of the message. I also call hospital security, but they say that the 4th floor has no security. I ask whether it’s possible to get some there and the fellow on the comlink says it would cost Y10,000 to provide it, and they won’t accept money over the coms. So we head over to the cafe and our meeting with Lung.

Lung awaits us in the form of an old man. As I turn the armband over to him I say “I expect this settles our account.” He responds something to the effect of “we’ll see.” He takes the armband and drops one ebony credstick for each of us on the table. As I assense him I see him quickly bind the armband, then mask it, then he begins to glow and transform into dracoform destroying the top of the building and causing it to fall several feet lower into the earth. The trolls scurry out, but I fall down, then levitate to safety. Lung commands us to go to the hospital to protect Jrez because he’ll need us for more work. I notice that the Dragon Line in front of the cafe is changing, and that there’s a link between it and Lung in astral space. He has become huge. I also read his astral signature and commit it to memory (Quan suggests this gives me a +4 dice on a memory test).

Cant leaves his Claymore in the Roadmaster and we head over to the hospital via MTR and, after checking out the lobby & security, decide to enter through the loading dock. I improved invisibility on the three of us, the trolls brute force the door, and we make our way up the staircase to the 4th floor, where Jrez is staying (as verified by my astral projection).

There are several doctors and nurses walking several patients on the floor. I stealth out and secure myself in the ceiling corner of a side hallway, hopefully out of sight. I command the spirit of man go to the elevator area and scream in pain, then demanifest before being seen. Unfortunately, this has no effect on those in the hallway, and instead two different doctors pop out and head for the elevator. But also out pops a guy wearing a mask with red tears. Cant happens to be behind that guy, and quickly punches his head off. Olaf drags the body into the patient room next to this quick melee. Cant follows inside and charges another masked fanatic holding a weapon, doing damage to the enemy but not dropping him. Olaf suddenly kicks Cant! The fanatic shoots Cant with a burst of submachine gun fire, but Cant is unscathed. Yet another masked fanatic comes around the corner in front of me, with a shotgun, and hesitates next to the room door. I let the trolls know and command my spirit to “go assist my colleagues” in the room, then recklessly manabolt the shotgun fanatic in front of me. He runs away. Cant kills the submachine gun fanatic and takes off to follow the shotgun fanatic. I transfer spell sustaining responsibility to my spirit, and descend to the floor, then head to Jrez’s room where I meet up with Cant and Olaf.

Jrez is gone, but there’s a blood trail which leads toward the elevator, the same direction the shotgun fanatic went. The elevator is descending, currently on floor 2 (we’re on 4). Cant starts jumping down the stairwell, Olaf protects my body while I astrally project and investigate the elevator — 3 people, unconscious Jrez, an awakened person and a cybered person. I report this back to my colleagues and Olaf carries me down the stairs as I return to the elevator to find that the fanatics have stopped the elevator between floors and are going through the floor of the elevator. I return to report this to the two trolls, then take control of my body back. Olaf follows them through the elevator shaft while Cant and I go back out the way we came in, then around the building.

We catch up to the fleeing fanatics in the hospital parking lot just as they’re trying to stuff Jrez into a Land Rover. Combat ensues but before I’m able to do anything, one enemy throws a Flash Bang grenade and I’m instantly knocked unconscious.

Spirit of Man (command: create a distraction, assist my colleagues, sustain my spells, unconscious), dispelled.

The 2 trolls somehow defeat the 4 bad guys without me and I wake up in the Land Rover with the trolls and Jrez. I summon a spirit of man, but the drain knocks me unconscious again.

Some time later I wake up with the 2 trolls and Jrez in an underground parking garage in the Land Rover. Jrez is still unconscious. Olaf is talking with Andrew (his contact) about what happened. Andrew tells Olaf to check out the news.

We scan the news and see that the hospital is a subject of major news coverage, aswell as the recent murders at the Night Market. At the hospital there were 6 unidentified, possibly Amerind corpses located, as well as 4 doctors who were killed, and a patient is missing. People are asked to be on the lookout for Jrez who is classified as a person of interest. We hear local police going to the hotel at which we stayed when we first arrived.

We call our contacts. I call Waldo, and he tells me he’s landing in a few hours, so I volunteer to meet him curbside at the airport.

It’s about 6 AM, and we get an airbnb room for the day so I can recover.


What did I ever do to these Crying Mask guys, anyway…

Ch 5 Walled City
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