It all began in Dubai...

Ch 4 Planting the Seeds, Ep 4

Ep. 4 Days of past events

Elrich’s perspective…

Luis calls us around 4:30 in the morning, telling me that he’s being followed by a dragon. We agree to meet at a café across street from the coffin motel. As we leave, a British guy approaches Jrez and seems to know him. It turns out his name is Van and he was sent by one of Jrez’s contacts to back us up.
Luis doesn’t show up, but the Dragon Lung does, in the form of an old man. He reminds us that he saved our life in Dubai and said that he would ask a task of us in the future. That time is now.
Lung wants us to
1. Finish delivering the suitcase of reagents to the remaining Johnson,
2. Finish going to the submarine room of the aqualogy and get another 75-100 reagents,
3. Go to Hero Cantonese’s Villa and steal the final 75-100 reagents.
Cant calls the living Johnson, and they arrange to complete the transfer of the suitcase of reagents in a café in a park. I summon a spirit of man, F6, 6 services, no drain. The Johnson asks that we not kill anyone in the aqualogy and will pay an additional Y500 each if we comply. He’s OK with us killing people when we go to Hero’s, and he’ll pay us an additional Y1000 each if we kill Hero himself. He also warns us that the police here will react quickly to any murders. Lung’s step #1 completed.
Jrez uses his contacts to obtain information about the aqualogy and aquatic drones. I research magical threats and learn that there may be awakened dolphins and lobsters, but they should leave us alone unless we attack them first. We head to Jrez’s friend Andrew ‘s (aka Jin Zhou) apartment. He loans us an underwater combat drone and the aqualogy floor plan. The aqualogy has 5 floors, 3 above water, 2 below. The Submarine room is a habitat, so there must be entrances underwater. Andrew’s price is right of first sale of interesting tech. He warns us not to try to enter above water, as that area is military-secure with regular patrols. He says we should easily be able to find sea sleds around the harbor.
We steal 4 sea sleds from Tan Le Company. Get geared up and head underwater to the aqualogy, avoiding patrol boats. We find a pool room filled with human/elf technicians, 3 state of the art submersibles and 2 orcs guards in combat armor. Combat ensues, in which we kill none, but drop the 2 guards and 2 technicians. A HTR team of 3 orcs shows up with 2 cybered animals. I didn’t see them, but they sounded like the cats we saw guarding the Evo lab in the Middle East. Cant believes he overhears the new team say “They’re here now”. Since our goal is to grab the reagents without deaths, and this new team looks formidable and seems to have been expecting us, I command the spirit to move the container of reagents to a safe place and order a retreat. The HTR team engages the spirit in combat and do some damage, knock it down, but it gets up and grabs the container of reagents. That container was bolted down, but the spirit manages to break it free, dives into the water and effects an escape, as do the others with the exception of Jrez who slows to steal one of the awesome subs.
Jrez has a lot of trouble figuring out how to get it going, much to the chagrin of Cant who is taking cover underneath it. Eventually Jrez’s increasingly desperate attempts to find motion controls instead hits the ‘open canopy’ button resulting is massive gunfire to him (there are no other viable targets for the HTR team). Somehow he survives but is unconscious as the SOTA submarine descends and moves out of range. Cant, who was clinging to bottom of the sub during all this opens the canopy, triggers Jrez’s DocWagen contract, and moves the submarine to a safe place on the bottom of the harbor tied up to a wharf pier. We regroup at Andrew’s place, tell him where the craft is, get our stuff back (including the reagents) and crash at Andrew’s. Jrez is at the hospital, so I go and heal him 2 boxes of physical, but take 3 physical in exchange (overcasting). I return to Andrew’s and heal myself. The reagent box has 200 reagents in the form of some kind of sea-based plant life, but only 75-100 were expected, so I take 75 out of the box for my/Waldo’s use.
Cant arranges to meet the Johnson on the White Star ferry. I heal my spirit some and take a stun, and we all head over there (without Jrez who will need to be in the hospital for 3 days). We arrive at a boat that looks identical to the boat we first met the Johnsons, including the lady that served the poor martinis. We notice pictures of people standing standing with deep sea fishes, but the pictures seem to be the kind that are free when you find a frame. After noticing that everything on this boat seems artificially staged. I assense the drink-serving woman and discover she’s a bound spirit with a force greater than 6. The dwarf Johnson is the same one from Seattle, while the human is the same from this morning. We turn over 125/100 reagents, and they are satisfied. They give us each a credstick with Y500 .
They remind us that our last task is to go to Hero Cantonese’s home and recover reagents. They claim that there’s not much security but that there are lots of police in the area. We will need to be stealthy. He lives in the area north of the airport. They want us to complete this part of the run within 36 hours. Cant asks them why there seemed to be an HTR team lying in wait for us, and they claim to have no idea, but suddenly the disinterested dwarf is paying attention to us. Cantonese is the leader of a radical ecoterroristl group, and can be expected to put up a big fight. He is also an initiated mage, and also a Buddhist who is against reagents. They don’t provide us with a photo, but someone so high profile must have photos on the matrix. They want the final batch of reagents dropped in a safe deposit box at the airport and then will credit our accounts. I renegotiate and they agree to pay for the 2 parts of the job we’ve already done and they will meet us in the matrix to pay us after we turn the reagents into the airport safe box.
We agree to split Hashtag’s payment across our three (Elric, Cant and JRez) so we each get Y7500 (Y3000 for part one, Y3000 for part two, Y1000 from Hashtag, Y500 for no deaths), and head back to Andrew’s place (because the Johnson’s set up the fancy hotel).
It’s about 11:00 AM and I’ll have this Spirit of Man, 4/6 services, F6, optional powers: Fear, Manabolt until dusk. Cant heads to a coffin motel and later calls us to say that Lung has summoned us to a meeting tonight at 7:00 PM, at the same café we met him in this morning. We rest and have a meal, and our edge is refreshed.


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