It all began in Dubai...

Ch 4 Planting the Seeds

Ep 3 Off The Deep End

ToeCutter’s Gang were spotted the Tibetan Monk, his Driver, Kan the Fire Elemental and Ju the Water Elemental. Hashtag decided to hack the car and gliched. He warned the driver of his presence. The driver took a defensive posture and the fight was on. When asked if they wanted to “talk” or"fight" ToeCutters Gang decided to talk. They negotiated a deal to:

  • Escort Petet to the Floating Restaurant in Sha Tin, Hong Kong

They take the train and run into the 9×9′s trying to rob them. Seems to be a theme in Hong Kong. To rob the Gaijin? A fight happens and Toecutter’s win. Though not without Elrich and Can’t going down. J-Rez Takes a shot at the Hung Kwan ( the Mages) and wounded him.
Once at the Floating Restaurant Petet asks that he be left to do the meet. He does and the large man they call Wan Lee has one of his take the package and leave. Luis follows and because J-rez bumps into some little old lady the delivery man is spooked. Luis follows after tracking him down to a bizarre just ready to hide in a basket. Luis grabs him and extracts the package and heads towards Toecutters. The Johnson’’s want a call when ToeCutters have a package. So Hashtag does. He is told to meet at Jade Valley Park. Luis and Hashtag go while Elrich and Can’t rest. J-Rez sits it out.
Before they go they place the Reagents at a local hotel. Once at the meet Hashtag attempts to strong arm one of the Johnsons.
“Pay us and we’ll give you the 1rst Reagents captured from the Delivery man , Petet.”
The Johnson was taken aback. “Didn’t we already have a deal?” "Hastag insisted and got shot in the head. As Luis was taking out he Johnsons from the distance, a Western Dragon named Lung landed. He said to complete the mission. He then followed Luis to get Ehlrich,


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