It all began in Dubai...

Ch 2: Road to Redemption, Ep 1: The General


It’s about 7:00 AM. I check out the building we’ve come up into from the astral plane, then take a vertical view of the compound. I see Silk climb onto the roof for overwatch and I return to base. Since it’s past dawn, I summon a new fire spirit at force 5 with 3 services. I lay down to rest and recover stun for one hour. Just then I hear the gate we came through open, on the first floor, and since there’s no one else in the building, go to check it out. It’s just Bunny, so I let everyone know and head back to the room to rest. Grund and Barf start exploring the rest of the compound and locate a garage, a machine shop, and a couple of rooms with a buzzing sound. They identify the source as black wasps, an awakened large insect with the ability to paralyze and lay eggs inside a host. A combat ensues which ends after the floor above the nest is hand-grenaded and my spirit uses a service to mop up the survivors. Unfortunately, Grunt has been paralyzed and has eggs in his neck, which the others take care of while I search the wasp’s nest using astral perception. It appears to contain the remains of a hermetic lodge. I rest an hour before The General comes to visit us. We disarm and speak with him (he is awakened) and he will allow us to stay if we pay to repair the damaged building and don’t make any more loud noises.

Made initiation from 0 to 1, took 1 month, cost 9 karma because it was a group initiation with Bunny.

I return Waldo of Man’s call and he tells me that we can make some money by getting some magical elements from a restricted zone nearby. The buyer is in Iran, I don’t have a name, but I do get the LTG. We may be able to get to a port in Iran, by selling Mongolian Death Worm meat to a ferryman who likes exotic meats. These worms are up to 4m long, have a chemical agent in their saliva, acid blood, and hunt in packs at night. Sounds like fun.


quanhill quanhill

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