It all began in Dubai...

Ch 2: Road to Redemption,

Ep 3: A Proving Ground

When we last gathered the PC’s have arrived in Alagadarz at the Jahangadari Hotel. They were there to meet with some Johnsons looking to hire a team for a data steal. Shadist arrived later after being contacted by his Tir contact to do a favor for him while in town. Seemed there was a person of interest named Shaegel was in town and the Tir needed proof. Shadist met with his team and found Shaegel at a new local club called Delicatour. Turns out it was a Ghouls club and the team walked right into the mix. Shaegel turned out to have some relationship with Shadist and becuase of that connection saved Shadist from a killing blow when ment for him. He died in Shadist’s arms. The team escaped through some crafty edge use and quick wits, getting the info needed before leaving in haste. They met with the Johnsons and negotiated a deal for the data steal job. They were given 36 hrs to complete and meet at the Iran Hilton in Tehran.


quanhill quanhill

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