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“It All began in Dubai” the conclusion…

The Toecutter Gang didn’t start off that way. It was a mix match group taking a job abroad because Seattle was hot. Once in Dubai the job went sour and all agreed, “getting back to the Mainland,” was the best choice. Dubai was happening. They got delivery work for local looking for some outsiders. The Grass Sandal had other ideas and stole something right in front of them. The chased and lost her. She showed great skill. She would return in Hong Kong alongside a target of elimination.

It all began in Dubai
The players were hired to make a delivery to an individual on the world islands. There they went and became part of an underground boxing event. They staked out the environment and saw their target standing next to a beautiful geisha. Elrich made a side bet with the gentleman on who the winner would be. The main boxer had a tattoo with the left facing and three scratches through the middle. Suddenly he was struck down. Shots were heard as the target went down. The geisha searched his body acquired something and began to leave. In the rush of this shoot out the team followed. They spotted her heading out of the building and made chase. They lost her in a crowd and left the island empty-handed. When reporting back to their Johnson what happened they were encouraged to find out what was stolen and to get it back? So the players searched Dubai and found out there was a meet at the Chi Lodge in downtown.

They interrupt the meet and set fire to one of the opposing enemies. A spirit retrieved the item which turned out to look like the coin of luck. The team looked to get out of the Dubai. They gathered at the front door of the club and were met by new member Jrez. He started to drive them away and saw that they were being followed. Turns out some Japanese suits were interested as well. A fight ensued and silk, a fiery member, launched a missile into one of the other vehicles destroying it. As the tables were turning something overhead swooped down upon the group. It was Lung. And Lung wanted the girl. He demanded her in the group acquiesced. As he left he stated,” I will need you again. This time to find the real coin!”

The players were feeling the heat. They had been in Dubai for just a few days and had left the trail of fires in their wake. The helicopter from the boxing match, the van in which they interrogated a member of another faction interested in the same thing, and lastly, the most notorious, the live burning of the man with the diamond eyes. It was time to leave Dubai. They met up with their contact in a hotel. And there showed up Majidi.
“How was he alive??” Turns out his death by gunshot wound was overstated. He retrieved the coin from the group and paid them. They then negotiated an escape route.

The team was led to an enclave in Oman. There they found an abandoned compound in the UAE under Gen. Hassan’s care. It was infested with black wasp. A leveled building wiped out the infestation and revealed a magical lodge underneath. With that Gen. Hassan insisted that the players replay repair what they had destroyed. They then met with him and negotiated some safe landing by promising to free the generals ID maker Colwitt.

They would need to fly into Oman and infiltrate the Islamic Fronts hideout. There the team started to bond and successfully rescued Colwitt who repaid them with temporary ID’s to fly to Iran. From there they would be able to leave the Middle East.

More to come…

It all began in Dubai...

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